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We connect consumer expectations for brands with investor expectations for performance.

We connect consumer expectations for brands with investor expectations for performance.

What We Do

Guidance Counsel brings an operational and financially driven articulation of consumer insights and brand marketing to help clients achieve their business goals.

What does the consumer think about the brand?
How do we reach new consumers without alienating our core?
What are the barriers to entry?
How much elasticity does our brand have?
What will it take to succeed?

We Provide Solutions

Nobody said it was easy. There are often more questions than answers. We’re here to help.

(Who know how to deliver results.)


Combining Meredith’s background in advertising, marketing and consumer insight with Rick’s experience in corporate communications, investor relations, strategy and operational structure we developed a new approach to the typical “marketing” agency. Collectively, we have spent nearly four decades on the client side, facing the same challenges and possibilities brands confront every day.

Because we sat on the other side of the desk, we understand the operational implications of marketing decisions and how to activate against them to help our clients grow their business.

Rick Anguilla


Rick has spent more than 25 years building communications strategies for some of the world’s most visible brands, including 10 years at Nike. He has an enviable track record of articulating successful brands’ growth strategies and maximizing their valuation.


In consultant role on UA’s Initial Public Offering, drove development of positioning that articulated the Company’s strong growth opportunities. Under Armour became the first U.S.-based IPO in five years to rise at least 100% in its first day of trading and has consistently maintained an industry-leading market multiple with Guidance Counsel’s continued engagement.


As VP, Global Brand Communications, oversaw global public relations team of 100+ people in more than 40 countries; directed Nike’s public relations efforts around global sporting events including the Olympics, World Cup and Tour de France.


In VP, Investor Relations role, built framework for investor relations department; helped grow Nike’s market cap sevenfold and build its reputation for strong brand equity within the financial community.

TYCO TOYS (Mattel-owned)

Ran Brand Communications and Investor Relations during a period of meteoric growth resulting in Company becoming 3rd-largest US toymaker and eventual acquisition by Mattel.


Meredith Chase


Meredith has spent over 15 years in the industry working across Consumer Insights, Advertising and Brand Marketing for some of the world’s best brands.

Since founding Guidance Counsel she has driven critical brand positioning work for one of the world’s fastest growing athletic companies, helped clients understand global youth culture, helped private equity firms uncover the brand potential of considered acquisitions, and guided multiple brands along the journey of broadening its consumer base without alienating its core.


Managed Women’s and Apparel US Brand Marketing. Key achievement included identifying new consumer opportunity for Women’s category by conducting extensive consumer insight work and marketing plans that ultimately led to Nike repositioning the entire women’s category towards a younger demographic.


Marketing & Advertising Director for the first online women’s workout retailer. As part of the team that defined the initial consumer and marketing strategy for Lucy, helped create this popular women’s brand from the ground up.


In account management, oversaw several product categories for client Nike. Produced campaigns globally and ran the W&K office in Australia.


Worked on Sprint as a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed young account executive.


Where she first learned what the word “synergy” meant.


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